CrossFit Thunder Ridge - Port Angeles, WA

Welcome to CrossFit ThunderRidge

CrossFit ThunderRidge Port Angeles's first privately owned strength and conditioning training center. We are honored and proud to serve Port Angeles, Sequim and the greater Olympic Peninsula residents.  We are about people!  Helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

At CrossFit ThunderRidge we are dedicated to assist all individuals to achieve their fitness goals both mentally and physically. Our course programming is designed for scalability and applies equally to all athletes regardless of age or fitness level. We start you at a level appropriate to your fitness and experience.

Our training philosophy is, train to prepare for the unknown and the unknowable because you never know what life will give you for challenges. With commitment and hard work you will achieve greater general fitness at a higher degree of athleticism.

Our approach to training is varying the load and intensity, utilizing fundamental and functional movements with a strong emphasis on proper form, technique and safety. You will learn and get fit with ever-changing Workouts Of the Day (WOD) that combine bodyweight exercises, weightlifting, mobility techniques, and high-intensity drills that combine metabolic conditioning (cardio) and strength challenges. In our group classes we work together and support each other, forging a fit community.

Owner/Head Coach Shawn Sinskie and Karen L. Brown

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