CrossFit Classes   

360 BarBell Club
5:00am M-F

Olympic Lifitng / Weight Lifting
6:00am M-F

6:30-8:30pm T/Th
8:00am M/W/F

9:00-11:30am  Sat
9:00am M-F

12:00pm M-F

Open Gym 
4:30pm M-F

10am-12pm M-F
5:30pm M-F

9am-11:30am Sat
6:30am M/W/F

8:00am Sat

ROM WOD - access during hours of operation
Daily videos to optimize your range of motion, increase athletic performance, and promote recovery. 

OnRamp Classes
7:00am and 7:00pm  M/W/Th for 2 Weeks

Private Training
 By Appointment

ThunderRidge CrossFit Kids 
 3:30pm-4:45pm T/Th