I’ve always been a very active person, I started skateboarding when I was eleven, I skated almost everyday throughout my teenage years. It is a sport that I love, and is the reason why I’ve grown into such an active adult. I started lifting weights in high school, I didn’t know what I wanted from it, and I had no clue if I was doing it right but I trained hard because it made me feel good. After high school I joined the Marine Corps, fitness became more of just a hobby for me, it became more than just something to do to stay healthy. It became a way for me to get better at my competitive job. It was my first time experiencing how my training in the gym could help me in the real world. As time went on, like so many others, I fell victim to routine. I got tired of doing the same old stuff in the weight room; I lost my motivation and enjoyment that I got from it. A friend recommended I try CrossFit, and after a little research I gave it a shot and haven’t stopped since. After serving in the military I moved back home and met Coach Shawn, who introduced me to CrossFit ThunderRidge, and the awesome CFTR athletes. I knew right away that I wanted to coach at CFTR because I love meeting new people and helping others. My goals in life are to attain lots of good experiences, useful knowledge, and great relationships, and of course, to help the athletes at CFTR be safe, have fun, and improve their lives. Thank you Karen and Shawn for giving me the opportunity to coach at CFTR.

Coach Josh

Training Certifications and Education:
 CrossFit Level 1

Continuing Education Hours
USAW Olympic Weightlifting – with Dave DeLong – 6hrs