I was introduced to CrossFit in 2008 while working out with some fellow triathletes at the Coast Guard Academy. After our morning runs, lunchtime swim workouts, and afternoon rides, we thought it would be a great idea to throw in an evening WOD or two. If that doesn’t sound like overtraining, I don’t know what is…

Under that training regimen, I completed several half ironman triathlons, some with respectable times, despite my trademark “barge” style swimming. In time, however, my desire to log countless laps in the pool, hours on the bike, and miles of pounding the pavement faded, while my desire to perform well in daily WOD’s only increased. I stumbled my uneducated way through many a WOD until joining my first box in 2009, while stationed in Portsmouth, NH. 
 As I increased my work capacity across broad time and modal domains, I began to dabble in boxing. It was CrossFit, and the hard work of my coaches at CrossFit Portsmouth, that helped me remain undefeated in my unit’s “Fight Night.” I was so inspired by the positive change I had observed in myself during just a few short months of CrossFit that I felt compelled to share this new way of life with my fellow Coasties. To that end, I installed a “garage gym” on board the cutter, and began running classes for the crew as an efficient means of staying in shape at sea, where personal time is limited at best. 
 Two assignments later, I arrived here in PA expecting there to be no official box. Dropping in at the newly opened CrossFit ThunderRidge via recommendation from Kyle Cuttie, I was immediately drawn to the incredible camaraderie and support the environment of CFTR provides. Seeing the way Shawn, Karen, and all the coaches selflessly develop and encourage their athletes, I wanted to do whatever I could to help them succeed. Thank you Shawn and Karen for the opportunity and privilege to help others be strong and get stronger.

Coach Shea

Training Certifications and Education:
 CrossFit Level 1 
 CrossFit Mobility Trainer

Continuing Education Hours
USAW Olympic Weightlifting – with Dave DeLong – 27hrs